RESOURCES: Just A Few Ideas for Reading

The list is endless, both of books and websites. By googling topics you want to explore you can find whatever it takes to make your classrooms and your meetings, or your family dinner table discussions important and reflective.

Handouts from Julie Landsman:
Strategies for Meeting the Needs of Economically Struggling Students
Classroom and Building Assessment: High Expectations
RACE Questionnaire
Ten Concepts To Consider
Strategies that work with All Kinds of Students in One Room

The Corner by Simon and Burns
Learning to Be White by Thandeka
Because of the Kids by Jennifer Obidah and Karen M. Teel
Dreams from My Father Barack O' Bama
Black Man Emerging, Joseph White
The Shame of a Nation, Jonathan Kozol
Beyond Heroes and Holidays from NECA
High Wire Noon, novel by Susan Straight
Racial Healing, Harlon Dalton

Literature and Guides to Teaching Literature
The Norton Anthology of African American Literature, Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Nellie Y McKay W.W. Norton & Company
Souls of Black Folk by WEB Dubois
Their Eyes Were Watching God, novel by Zora Neale Hurston
Sing the Sun Up Creative Ideas fro African American Literature, Teachers and Writers Collaborative Press
Writing in Rhythm, Spoken Word Poetry in Urban Classrooms, Maisha T. Fisher, Teachers College Press
The Skin We Speak by Lisa Delpit
Our Souls Have Grown Deep Like the Rivers, Black Poets Read Their Work, 2 CD’s
An Invitation to Poetry, Robert Pinsky and Maggie Dietz, book and DVD

Rethinking Schools. org
This website will link to others that provide curriculum in all sorts of subject areas on all sorts of topics. They also have a wonderful selection of cheap books around the idea of Rethinking what we are Rethinking Classrooms, Rethinking Globalism, and they are full of ready to go lesson plans as well as articles.

African American Registry:
Filled with black historical, literary, cultural, scientific heroes for each day of the month. Also card games and calendars, video clips and poetry and literature. A resource that is essential for bringing African Americans into our classrooms
This website offers links and handouts, ideas and articles concerning all aspects of education. It is a thought provoking connection and a resource that will provide you with a virtual tour of the internet when looking for vital, new, educational information and products.
A fine resource for finding materials and articles for using literature and creative writing in the classroom. This website also has ideas for creating performance and urban poetry. It is a place to explore and center each class with the voices of your students.

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